Related Question I have this compaq presario Fus and it seems to have lost its wireless adapter the broadcom drivers dont work i am only able to connect wired i dont think the adapter is broken i have researched enough Enter the BIOS setup menu and run test on the hard drive. Posted on Jun 08, As a suggestion, it would be good to include how all the connecters unplug, some were not explained and confusing at first. I am having the identical problem with the Compaq presario F as described by Josh and Jamal.

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After that you do the following: HP Compaq Presario vz Your guide has helped me take apart and will help put it back together.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

I am glad I found this. Man, sounds like a problem with the motherboard. According to Vista, the battery was charging, but the percentage presarko never go above zero. Kept repeating a pattern when I turned it on: Compaq presario f730us wireless power jack seems well soldered to the board with no cracks.

You can skip step 2 — hard drive removal and step 3 — memory removal. I have a Compaq F that does not power up when connected to the electrical adapter the blue light just pulsates. Ive compaq presario f730us wireless manually restarting it many times but it has no affect.


Presario F730US wireless not working – HP Compaq Presario F730US Notebook

Lift up qireless remove the display panel assembly. I now cannot get it to turn on.? Before you pull the cable and remove the keyboard you have to unlock the connector.

I have adjusted the brightness so know that will not help it. The most expensive will be the display assembly.

I doubt that reconnecting the cable will fix compaq presario f730us wireless problem. Also, about two months before this problem started I noticed that the disk drive was not working. And the screen no longer turns on. When she holds the cursor over the speaker icon on the task bar it says “No audio ouput device is installed”. I currently compaq presario f730us wireless to play call of duty modern warfare 2.

Tried all of the above. Because it is not reading the dvd or cd disk……. With a cardboard as big as the mb, I cut a square hole to fit over the GPU chip area, about an inch beyond the chip on all sides.


Compaq Presario FUS wireless network card has stopped wor – HP Support Forum –

Thanks for posting this site. Everything else is working fine and wondering what the fix could be?

The laptop is working again. The dual-core technology delivers two execution cores in one CPU, giving you better performance than a comparable single-core processor.

Download on the page select: Download Others should Automatically Installed. The power adapter cord compaq presario f730us wireless on our Compaq Presario F, we had a cheap replacement cord but that one broke. Even though this laptop has a separate audio board, I believe the audio chip located on compaq presario f730us wireless motherboard. Message 2 of 5. Press those keys at the same time and you should see a pop up window and check if the current status is on.

Most likely they did but who knows. I need comments and suggestion driver beside the driver i suggested here.