The list go on as to the durability of the Casio Commando. THREE, two of which have the same issue. Which Galaxy Note 9 color to get? All these things should really only come into play when the device your writing about is a sound product. If you have that swipe down screen down, it seems like it is frozen if you forget and don’t swipe back up. Never buy Samsung again. The only feature I don’t have is when on a call I can not see recent calls – I can see my contact list though.

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Casio c811 let’s put all that aside for a minute and look at just this phone. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon.

If you need a phone that blasts your favorite music while enjoying a shower beer, you’ve struck gold. Agreed the camera is NOT up to competitors and the screen casio c811 smaller. Featuring 16 GB of internal memory, the G’zOne Commando C has enough space to casio c811 your videos, applications, and more. Agreed what really sucks is this phone was acsio by the FCC back in Oct of casio c811 if it casio c811 out then would have been perfect competition as most of the phones last yr were still duel core it cadio the same snapdragon casio c811 as the S3 and Moto Razr HD and Maxx and those phones came out in April and Caasio of last yr so it would have stacked up great against them but Verizon had to sit on the phones for 10 months giving the other phones a better chance to sell that wasn’t needed.


Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE Review

You may also like. Fully customizable landscape 3.

They are casio c811 reasonably priced and a great value. Never running out of juice or waiting for full charges. See details for casio c811 of any imperfections. I want this phone but range is important when I am hunting and ATV ing. A phone that really was ahead of its time. Unfortunately G’zOne missed the boat in terms of processing power and camera performance which the casio c811 wusses have done a better job in that arena. Yes i bought the extended battery from verizon themselves i called and asked for the commando lte extended battery which is mAH.

This is acsio opinion one c11 the best pieces of consumer tech to come out in years. casio c811

casio c811 Hello, I had not been following the thread, but saw these last casio c811 posts and was compelled to chime in.

I do not have the new version yet but I will tell you the 3G model is a very rugged phone. Battery life although it has a bulky upgrade option If you’re thinking about this phone, here’s something to consider before buying.

CASIO G’zOne Commando 4G LTE C specification –

Every phone I’ve ever owned has needed an insurance plan to keep up with my lifestyle and yes I got a plan for this phone casio c811, although it may not need it. I casio c811 it is a great choice when cazio, utility, versatility, and especially durability matter.

I am not trying to say that is your issue – but just mentioning for overall sharing. Ok, let’s be honest – if Apple or Samsung would offer a similar size phone with casio c811 same ruggedized features I would be pretty tempted cassio jump at my contract Related phones PhoneArena rating:. The first month I had this phone casio c811 paid for itself.


Functional built-in apps that can be removed and power control widget is awesome 4. There is a “swipe down” screen that you can use to toggle on and off the sound, Bluetooth, 4-G, airplane mode and casio c811. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.

It has hit the concrete several times, and keeps on ticking. You’re getting into a phone casio c811 a company that is not very popular or frankly well-known outside of specific markets. Casio as casio c811 company has been casio c811 the ball across the board for awhile. You can read specs for yourself, I’m not a salesman, all I can say is that the phone does everything described by the review above and more.

Casio Commando C Rugged yes, full of features yes again, it is a great phone for features but if you need it casio c811 stay connected, buy the extended Mhr battery or get a different phone. That’s all I need. The case, the glass everything was perfect. I have had it casio c811 it came out.